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Love Between The Pages Tour 14-18 April

Day 3 - Penrith Library - Loved the signage :)

Gorgeous morning sky and on the road we went

Loved the packaging of the door prizes

Happy campers feeling special

Awesome presentation space, just past this fab ceiling ambiance.

Thank you so much, Penrith library, and off we go again.

We had such fun, fab audience, fab travel buddies and awesome Nowra library and Dymocks staff.

Then the recommendation to the best Indian restaurant :)

Day 4 coming xx Fi

Day 1 and 2 – Love Between the Pages Tour– From beachside Port Macquarie to the view over Sydney on a flying kangaroo, sun shining like fire on the ocean reflecting off the bushfires to the west.

33 degrees in the harbour city and Hertz rent a car wasn’t painful at all. After tossing the sat nav onto the back seat, well seriously, turn left here? Here? Dead end as opposed to the M5, retry, until my trusty new red steed has arrived at destination – thanks to winding window down and asking a delightful gentleman in big black ATV where Strathfield Station - and famous author Jannette Paul could be?

After a brief tussle with a big red bus, another drive around the block, a fractured phone call and several disjointed texts, we sorted that minor hiccough and had two musketeers of the three in the red beast.

Ten minutes later we’d found our third musketeer, Sandie Docker, and were intent on food, and non-frivolous conversation in the wilds of Parramatta. Enter the Dragon, or the best Chinese restaurant this side of Peking, surrounded by gorgeous families, green tea and chopsticks, we did authentic cuisine with much eye-rolling and groans of appreciation. See photo.

Seriously divine, seriously sated, and discussion on tomorrow's plan for a fab day at Parramatta Library well covered. Night all xx Fi

Please come and say hi at an event near you because we are so looking forward to meeting readers, writers and libraries . And you could see my very cool Penguin nails :)

· Sunday 15 April: Ermington Community Centre with Dymocks Parramatta, 11am, FREE

· Monday 16 April: Penrith Library with Dymocks Penrith, 10.30am, FREE

· Monday 16 April: Nowra Library with Dymocks Nowra, 6pm, FREE

· Tuesday 17 April: Wollongong Council Building, 11.30am, $25

· Wednesday 18 April: Dymocks Sydney, 12.20pm, FREE

· Wednesday 18 April: Belmont Library with Dymocks Charlestown, 5.30pm, FREE

Day 2 - Ermington Community Centre - Parramatta Library In Conversation - we arrived at 1045, started at 1130, and HAD THE BEST TIME.

What an awesome day with fabulous people and company. Loved getting out there and chatting about what we write, why we write, and the stuff readers would love to know.

Thanks so much to the hardworking team at Parramatta Library and the amazing audience- you are all rockstars. xx Fi

PS has anyone photos of the audience to share - I know you were there guys - all 65 of you xxx :(

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