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Life is a Carnival

You know when you get a bit blown away, juggling commitments, a little fragile, punch drunk by trying to make things work because they should work, and if you try hard enough, push yourself and the envelope - maybe it will come out the way you'd like it to.

And it doesn't. Bummer. And you get smacked down for trying too hard.

The my hero asked if I'd like to go away on a five day cruise. Just swap the work days around so I didn't need holidays, close up shop and slip away with one bag (and carry-on -seriously, I just can't do the one bag thing even though he can), and yes, I packed too much, but the cruise was very cool and super laid back.

Darn special 'post holidays price' so we had a nice room, lovely balcony, great staff and a trip to Tassie, which included a hug and coffee with the beautiful Melanie Milbourne, then back to Melbourne and then fly home.

Sail away he said. So we did!

He is a bit of a legend himself.

Our balcony, suspended above the ocean with mega views.

All I can say is, I feel better. :) I think a lot had to do with no internet, no deadlines, pressure, not even phone coverage for most of the time. In fact no phone calls for 5 days.

And the fab guitar guy, Kirby, as in

played The Pina Colada song as I was sipping.

Hiding in a cabana, how did Ian find me? Ha, well, I called out :)

And the dolphins were magic. How cool to see all of this from our balcony, though, I'm writing this in Sydney waiting for the Coffs flight home and back to work tomorrow.

But, I shall share my wave fliers with you to remind me that you need to swim, exhale, take a breath, and then fly again. Feeling blessed. Watch out for my next book, MOTHER'S DAY released April 2 xx Fi

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