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Mother's Day

Which brings me to my new book for Penguin Random House, MOTHER’S DAY.

A few friends may remember a book that I regained the rights to, Noni and Iain’s story, a few years ago. The story has stayed with and teased me for what might have been; for years. I’d have to say it was my favourite book ever before I began writing for Penguin Random House and could expand into bigger books to really explore interactions between women, as opposed to focussing on the romance, which is fabulous fun, but this is more about the way women support women.

I’m thrilled that Penguin Random House agreed the story deserved for me to really delve into Aunt Win’s backstory, and Iain’s surprise daughter, Jacinta’s, world and point of view, and to share the result with you. I had the best time and hope you love it as much as I do. So, on the 2nd of April, 2018, get ready for a classic Fiona McArthur, with lots of family dynamics, strong women of different age groups, babies, and drama, set in rural Australia with lots of smiles.

I think you’re going to really enjoy MOTHER’S DAY because it celebrates mums, and aunties that are mums, and friends and midwives who are there to mother the mother when she needs reminding how awesome she is. And it has a love story, and it comes out in ebook for the Easter weekend, and a month before our Australian Mother’s Day in print, which is perfect and beautiful, and after you read it you should give it to your mum because I just love the story. I hope you do, too. Can you tell I'm excited?

with warmest regards


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