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Apart from the first book in the Diana Gabaldon OUTLANDER series, (about once a year) and the whole of the MODESTY BLAISE series when I was a teenager, and all of the regency Georgette Heyer books, and maybe some old Jennifer Crusie romances, I don’t often re-read stories.

But, I am on ten weeks long service leave from work after thirty-two years (part-time and with time out for four extra babies) in my little hospital, and have just re-read DELIVERING SECRETS which I wrote in 2002.

Mills and Boon Sydney are re-releasing this story with my first ever book, DELIVERING LOVE, as a paperback twin in Australian Romance on the 22nd January 2018. This was a 2001 celebration and four of my workmates when I held my first ever book copy in my hands.

Such a blast from the past and I admit I was a little worried my early, shorter, writing might let me down as I don’t get to tweak these re-released books to modern day and we did speak a little differently back then.

What I found was - some of the medical stuff has evolved into different safety practices, more monitoring occurs now, plus such a small hospital would transfer out to a tertiary centre for preference but it reminded me what our little rural midwifery unit used to cope with 16 years ago before we lowered our acuity level.

I also discovered that despite me jamming everything into a shorter book, and the fact I desperately wanted to expand and give the other female characters their own voices,

....(like I have with my new release for Penguin Random House in April, called Mother’s Day)

I really, really enjoyed the revamp of the stories. So, phew, watch out for them in the romance section, and I hope you enjoy DELIVERING SECRETS, and DELIVERING LOVE, because they are a fun ride with a twist at the end.

More on MOTHERS DAY next blog

With warmest regards Fi

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