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From the country to the seaside

A week at the beach. It started with mist over the paddocks and ended with bags piled into the car. My travelling involves a little luggage. Or a lot. Just a week at the seaside, writing up a storm, with winters sunshine promised and sunrise over the ocean every day. It's been a little frosty and misty at home.

We live on a farm year round and love it. We have wandering cattle, mobs of kangaroos, many waterbirds and a short-tailed cattle dog called Dug. And between my shifts as a midwife we travel to research my books.

This week started with a swirl of mist on the swamp, a brand new calf and a silver mistbow promising good things to come.

So to escape from paradise to paradise... for a week at stunning South West Rocks. The perfect answer to mix long service leave from midwifery with a book deadline. Luckily, it’s just too beautiful to sit inside all day. The good news is I bought a decent camera last financial year and it does do some justice to the beach sunrises that blow me away. I had the same thrill capturing moments with my camera as I do with my writing. I can see how, just like writing, photography can be addictive.

I’m walking further along the beach each day, sleeping better at night, and finding words spinning from my fingers like old friends. My husband drops in to visit me in the mornings after his daily walk and then he leaves me to get on with my writing. Pretty spoiled aren’t I? I’m happy with that.

I’ve just re-booked the beach flat for another winter week next year.

Ian came for a date night on Sunday and we sat at the surf club and just soaked in the beauty surrounding us.

Over the next few weeks on my new website, I’ll share some of my favourite photos. We have some stunning pics of Uluru from last month coming up.

But for now I'll close with three photos from this morning. The sunrise was like lava coming through the clouds yet the other way painted soft and pink. I love the way the cool air causes mist off the ocean.

So welcome to FionaMcArthurAuthor Blog, coming every month on the last day, plus updates on to my next release.

The BABY DOCTOR, set in far west Queensland with a medical mystery that will catch your breath, is due October 2 2017. If you've read Red Sand Sunrise you'll have met Sienna. I LOVED this next story - but don't worry they are both stand alone books that will keep you turning pages.

In the meantime, please allow me to showcase our beautiful world down under. I'll start with the beach. If you're looking for more photos, see the links to Instagram and Facebook. Have a fabulous August, I will. xx Fi

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