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Author Published Books - standalone

Midwife On The Orient Express published 29 Nov 2019

Midwife In The Jungle published March 2020

Author published Series


Lyrebird Lake

Montana Book 1

Misty Book 2

Mia Book 3

Emma Book 4

Healing Hands - Doctors By Specialty

The Doctor's Gift Book 1

Dr Bennett's Babies Book 2

Her Doctor Prince Book 3 out Nov 30

The Doctor's Vision Book4 out Dec 30

Reading order for Contemporary Fiction Books - Penguin Random House 


Red Sand Sunrise              2014 Three Sisters

The Baby Doctor                2017 Three Sisters

The Bush Telegraph           2020 - spin off from Three Sisters

The Homestead Girls          2015 Flying Doctor

Heart Of The Sky               2017 Flying Doctor

Mothers Day                     2018

The Desert Midwife            2019

The Bush Telegraph           Sept 2020

The Farmer's Friend           Sept 2021

The Opal Miner's Daughter Sept 2022 coming

Reading order for Non- Fiction Penguin Random House

Aussie Midwives              2016

Don't Panic Guide To Birth 2009  - not available


Reading order for Little Books Non- Fiction 

Little Book Of Birth          2015

(Was - Don't Panic Guide To Birth updated and republished with Little Books)

Breech Baby - A Guide For Parents      2015

Tule Publishing

Holly's Heart Book 4 Outback Brides Series 1

Lacey Book 1 Outback Brides Series 2

Maeve's Baby Book 2 Outback Brides Series 3

The Baby Whisperer - Book 3 Outback Babies Series coming 2022

Reading order for Harlequin Medical Romance Books: 

Delivering Love

Midwife Under Fire - not available

Father In Secret

The Midwife's Secret - not available

Emergency In Maternity

Delivering Secrets

Dangerous Assignment - not available

Midwife In Need        - Gladstone series 1

A Very Single Midwife - Gladstone Series 2

The Pregnant Midwife - Gladstone Series 3


The Doctor's Surprise Bride-unavailable

The Surgeon's Special Gift-unavailable

Their Special Care Baby

The Midwife's Baby

The Midwife's Little Miracle         -Lyrebird Lake Series 1-unavailable

The Midwife's New Found Family -Lyrebird Lake Series 2-unavailable

Pregnant Midwife: Father Needed-Lyrebird Lake Series 3 -unavailable

Midwife In The Family Way          -Lyrebird Lake Series 4-unavailable

Midwife, Mother... Italian's Wife    -Lyrebird Lake Series 5


Midwife In A Million           - Gibb River Road Series 1

Midwife And The Millionaire- Gibb River Road Series 2


Survival Guide To Dating Your Boss - unavailable

Harry St Claire; Rogue or Doctor

Marco's Temptation

Falling For The Sheik She Shouldn't -unavailable

A Doctor, A Fling And a Wedding Ring

Two Tiny Heartbeats

The Prince Who Charmed Her

Christmas With Her Ex - Unavailable

Midwife's Christmas Proposal   -Lyrebird Lake Series 6

Midwife's Mistletoe Baby          -Lyrebird Lake Series 7

A Month To Marry The Midwife - Lighthouse Bay Series 1

Healed By The Midwife's Kiss    - Lighthouse Bay Series 2 

The Midwife's Secret Child        - Lighthouse Bay Series 3 

Second Chance In Barcelona 

Taking A Chance on The Best Man 

A Father for the Midwives Twins Feb 2023


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