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A Christmas Miracle

Midwife Kelsie Summers dreamed of her holiday on Europe's most luxurious train. On departure she can't believe her ill-timing when she sees Dr Lucas Larimar on that platform in Venice.

Lucas hates surprises. Offering his seat to the woman who jilted him fifteen years before was bad, but leaving her with his meddling grandmother was a hundred times worse.

Transport yourself into the glamorous night and through the next thirty-six hours as emotion, an unexpected medical drama and grandmotherly interference help this midwife and doctor find their miracle for Christmas.

Fiona McArthur.. '...tells a story which resonates with everything Christmas stands for.' Harlequin Junkie.

MIDWIFE IN A MILLION "...Ms McArthur has created characters that any reader can fall in love with." Cataromance

Fancy a competition? Not for the busy minded but if you would like to try the fun you could Win a print copy of Midwife On The Orient Express  - closes 1st January 2020 or the first copy of Midwife In The Jungle in 30 March 2020.  

I've selected 15 photos that correspond to scenes in the book.

They are out of order.

Can you list the numbers on the photos in order of when they happen in the book -  (nothing to do with page numbers) Send me your list (via my contact page) and try your luck. :) 

 I've described the photos to hopefully help with placing them in the story. As I said, not for busy minds. Please don't throw your computer. :)

Here's two correct ones to get you started. The cover is photo 1 = scene 1 and the White Horse photo 2 = scene 15;

so...  photo 3= scene ? 4 =? 5 =? 6= ? etc.

xx Fi who thought it seemed a good idea at the time LOL

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