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Lyrebird Lake Series Books 1-4

Meet Montana, Misty, Mia and Emma. And we have new covers.

The Midwives of Lyrebird Lake – where every day brings a miracle. 

A sweet medical romance series by Fiona McArthur - winner of the 2020 RWAustralia Contemporary Romance Of the Year.


Montana Book 1

For midwife Montana, finding out she was pregnant was the best moment of her life. But days later she was widowed.Nine months have passed, her daughter is born, and Montana knows she needs a fresh start.Dr Andy Buchanan is building services at Lyrebird Lake Hospital and he wants Montana for the new maternity unit. He can’t get the beautiful new mum out of his mind.Lyrebird Lake is the perfect place for Montana to build a new life – with Andy?

And then there’s the magical myth of the lyrebirds…


Misty Book 2

Misty saved the life of Dr Ben Moore but that brief wonderful connection was just a memory. Misty the midwife shuts out her daydreams and sets off for a new life in Lyrebird Lake, where she meets the new locum…and looks into Ben’s sea blue eyes!Ben moved to Lyrebird Lake for a chance to start again. But he wasn’t doing well in the single parent role. Can Misty and Ben find the connection that saved his life once? Is Misty is the perfect person to make Ben’s family complete?

Mia - Book 3

Angus Campbell is used to dealing with emergency situations. He’s a rescue medic. But his newly discovered son will require more than his professional training.

Perhaps Angus's childhood home, Lyrebird Lake, is the best place to find rapport for both of them. Mia is expecting a new arrival – but she wasn’t expecting Angus.

Six feet of sexy he-man is way out of her comfort zone. She will not get involved. But the man needs help. Her baby could have the perfect family...but would they have love?

Emma - Book 4

Loving mother and midwife Emma’s family has always lived in beautiful Lyrebird Lake and she’s built a wonderful life for herself and her little daughter. Living the dream, working in midwifery ...hiding from the possible destruction that hangs over her future.

Gorgeous Italian man Gianni had only meant to stay briefly, but is bowled over by ethereal Emma. He has a home, responsibilities, and a life in Italy.

But everything changes when he finds out Emma is pregnant. What if there's another undisclosed fear Emma is that could mark their unborn child? Mark Emma?
And here are the original gorgeous covers still available in audiobook with the
fabulous Caroline Lee narrating

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