Sometimes you just have to write something that calls you - it might be different - but the core      themes are the same for me as a writer.

This new series still has midwifery and strong women who support each other and highlights human kindness.  With an extra element of all the things I love to read, like an Egyptian Priestess, a modern day midwife, and bad guys who want to change history and need stopping.

Can Catherine save the babies? 
Can Sanura, my 3000-year-old priestess of Bastet, help? 
Meet Catherine, my Time Travel Midwife, think Claire in Outlander, in the first book in my new series and be whirled away in time.   


This story will be in this box set of fabulous Urban Fantasy and  Paranormal  authors - for a short time only. Out May 2022 in the anthology but as her own book in August- with more in the series soon.  
BORN OF SHADOWS AND MAGIC now and match the set later. 
And I've changed the covers again. What do you think of my new covers?  

Later on... three books over three years - though the way I feel about Catherine I might just have to up the ante and get them out quicker. Book 1 comes out 30 March 2023 unless earlier and is up for pre-order now on all platforms. 

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cover. jpg.jpg
Out March 2023 
available for pre-order now