Fiona McArthur
Fiona McArthurFiona McArthurFiona McArthurFiona McArthur

Time Travel Midwife

Episode 1: Time Travel Midwife Series

About the Book

During the three days of the full moon, I, Catherine Auralia Tremaine discovered my real birth mother, Auralia, is lost in another time dimension; that my previously unknown, time-shifting grandmother lay at death’s door; and I had a Protector to keep me safe as I travel through time saving one baby from the past at a time. This man’s called Helm. That’s a lot to learn for an ordinary, current day midwife living in Sydney.

Things grow weirder when I discover that my childhood imaginary friend, Sanura, is really an ancient Egyptian priestess of Bastet who sacrificed her physical body to ensure I survived three millennia later, and we will surf the ages together. When I assume my new powers, my feline soul sister and I will change the tide of death haunting my ancestors and move from the hunted to the hunters as we search to destroy the enemy Atropar and the secret Wand of Chaos.

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The Details

Published: December 18, 2022
Publisher: Fiona McArthur
Formats: Ebook
Genres & Tropes
Medical Fiction, Time Travel, Romance, Science Fiction