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Time Travel Midwife Series

A note from the author

Sometimes you just have to write something that calls you – it might be different – but the core themes are the same for me as a writer.

This new book is coming in episodes, between my publisher deadlines, so not here yet after the first two teasers. It still has midwifery and strong women who support each other and highlights human kindness. With an extra element of all the things I love to read, like an Egyptian Priestess, a modern-day midwife, and bad guys who want to change history and need stopping. Plus I get to write fight scenes. Yay.

Can Catherine save the babies?

Can Sanura, my 3000-year-old priestess of Bastet, help? Can Catherine find her father. Or her mother? And can she stop the Wand?

You’ve met my Time Travel Midwife (think Claire in Outlander) in the first two episodes and been whirled away in time. The third and fourth are coming and when I have them all – I’ll print and sell as one book – and be thrilled I finally finished something I’ve always wanted to write just for me. And you.

FINDING AURALIA arrives this March and the last will come in 2025 to make the whole book complete. Then I may just have to write more.

xx – Fi

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