Fiona McArthur
Fiona McArthurFiona McArthurFiona McArthurFiona McArthur

Falling for the Sheikh She Shouldn’t

Manga Graphic Novel

About the Book

One day midwife Carmen finds herself trapped in a stalled elevator with a gorgeous man. The atmosphere is electric…and it feels like the start of something big.

After they’ve gotten out safely, she discovers who he really is—Prince Zafar, heir to the throne of the country of Zandorro!

What was she thinking? This man comes from a completely different world. His cousin is one of Carmen’s patients, though, and he all but forces her to come to his desert palace with them.

How on earth will Carmen be able to resist the prince now?

Illustrated/adapted by Rina Yokoi

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The Details

Published: May 27, 2017
Publisher: Harlequin / SB Creative
Formats: Ebook
ASIN: B0711M8PJ3
Genres & Tropes
Contemporary Romance, Comic, Manga, Graphic Novel