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Back to Birdsville

Book 13: Aussie Outback Medical Romance Series

About the Book

Birdsville, outback Queensland: the most remote town in the world, population 110. What the people lack in numbers they make up for in community spirit.

When midwife and emergency nurse Phoebe McFadden fled her family dramas at age sixteen, she thought she’d left Birdsville for good. But when her cousin Scarlet asks her to be bridesmaid in her wedding party, Phoebe knows it’s time to make her way home … and face the past.

As Phoebe settles back into town, she keeps crossing paths with Atticus Bow, the latest Birdsville cop – no longer the skinny kid she remembers but an irresistible man she does not want to be attracted to. The last thing she needs is to become attached to this place again, but as she starts to let Birdsville – and its people – back into her heart, she discovers secrets that have remained locked away for far too long. Can she right the wrongs of the past before Scarlet’s special day?

Capturing all the colour and heart of the famous Birdsville races, this uniquely Australian romance celebrates women who are always there for each other, the caring side of men, and the challenges and optimism of remote families. Ideal for fans of Karly Lane and Mandy Magro.

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The Details

Published: July 30, 2024
Publisher: Fiona McArthur / Penguin Books Australia
Formats: Ebook
Genres & Tropes
Medical Romance, Contemporary Romance, Doctors, Midwives, Medical Heroes, Australian Outback, Aussie Outback, Australia, Frontier Romance