I'm not a rampant blogger, you may have noticed, but when a new book is coming out I do blog for others. So I thought I'd share some of my roaming blogs from other sites as they pop up. 
If you'd like to read/hear me then just click on the link. xx Fi
Here is a link to
A video podcast with Sarah Williams 
Q&A with Penguin Australia 
With Aus Rom Today
With Cathryn Hein
With Jennifer Scoullar
Penguin - Unapologetically -in-love

You know when you get a bit blown away, juggling commitments, a little fragile, punch drunk by trying to make things work because they should work, and if you try hard enough, push yourself and the envelope -  maybe it will come out the way you'd like it to....

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All photos. Trying out the different galleries. It may be over kill but I'm enjoying the challenge


Purple sunrise South West Rocks
Every sunrise is different
A walk on the beach at sunrise
Love this one