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Hello there, dear Reader

Waving from Australia and wishing you sunshine - unless you need rain.

In my other life from writing as a wife, a mum and grandmum, I worked as a midwife married to a paramedic - hence the medical themes that recur in my books. I've been a facilitator for a teenage mums group, run parent groups, enjoyed clinical midwifery education as my day job and baby catching when I was blessed  - all different aspects I love and loved and often include in my writing - because the power and strength in women of all ages continue to awe me.


Then there was a history of weekend obstetric emergency teaching that I adored and kept me on my toes while allowing me to scoot all over our incredible Australian continent with like-minded people.

 All of which I poured into my medical romance books for Harlequin, my women's fiction for Penguin Random House, and now TULE publishing and my author published books as well. Once a nurse and a midwife...

My main focus in writing is with contemporary medical drama and I'm loving the wonderful friendships and the intergenerational rapport between my female lead characters. I hope you do too.


Every generation has so much to offer in my books and of course, there will always be an uplifting ending. I do believe the world needs us to appreciate the inherent goodness and gentleness of people to counter the negatives we see every day in the news.


My Penguin books have been such a journey of love.  All big rural fiction books available in audio with the fab Caroline Lee as narrator for most of them.


My writing is dear to my heart because I so admire our outback pioneers past and present. But also the emergency and medical staff who care and give so much of themselves. It is people like those - the first line heroes - who keep the stations and the towns in outback Australia such vibrant and iconic wonders. 

Which brings me to AUSSIE MIDWIVES, published in 2016, and  Audio in 2017, and now the 2023 new edition. It's my absolute pleasure to present again the true stories from 20 'real' Australian midwives from the centre to the sea in an anthology that celebrates birth and life the Australian way.


I'm loving the Outback Brides Series from TULE Publishing in the US. HOLLY'S HEART, LACEY, MAEVE'S BABY and THE BABY WHISPERER are my Outback Brides and Babies Of Wirralong.  I'm having such a hoot writing in a series with other Australian Authors. Soon coming in audio.

And now, with revisiting, re-writing and re-covering my earlier books in my new Author Publishing adventure it's party time. Going back to the old friends has been amazing fun and now, seeing my Aussie Penguin women's fiction books available world wide, is such a thrill..


So please do browse the book list, I have so many stories to share with you now and in the future, and you, too can immerse yourself in the fun of emergency drama knowing that when close the last page - with a happy sigh - you will feel good. 

I'm always happy to post a signed book for you or for someone special, and please join my newsletter for new titles, specials and fun facts. Any questions or comments, please contact me. I'd love to hear from you.

Come travel around Australia with me in your book. I bet you'll find a smile.

xx Fi

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