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Mothers Day Audio book out 1st April

Come on an adventure...
Apple Books Review - "...an honest, touching portrayal of love and hardship in central Australia, described in vivid detail as severe yet spellbinding..."
"...Ms McArthur has a knack for funny, realistic, dialogue and her characters are equally charming and complex..." 
Apple Au Top Pics for July 2019.
RBH Family-sage Blogspot.com
"...The setting is amazing, the writing beautiful..."
The Desert Midwife
Dave G. - Audiobook listener
A great read that honours a great country.
Praise for
Fiona McArthur books...

 "McArthur...has great skill in storytelling."
  ​Sydney Morning Herald

                                                                                 " A book you just have to devour in one  day.'
​                                                                                  Newcastle Herald

Reviews for Mothers Day.
"***** Serendipity at it's finest!" - on Goodreads
"***** ...sit back and enjoy, this is a fabulous story." Goodreads reader.
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